Desinged for difficult to label, low-phagocytic cells, VMI-Trac Pro cell visualzation reagent enable in vivo real-time tracking of challenging cell tyeps such as mesenchmal stem cells (MSCs). VMI-Trac Pro is specially formulated to maximize the uptake of our nanoparticle contrast agent by target cells while maintining high cell viability. Real-time biodsitribution of labeled MSCs can be visualized using standard magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).



  • All-in-one solution
    • VMI-Trac Pros ships with everything you need to label your mesenchymal stem cells for in vivo tracking
    • Fast and easy protocol to streamline R&D process and accelerate cell-based therapy to the market
  • Real-time in vivo tracking
    • Real-time tracking of labeled MSCs in subjects using standard clinically available magnetic resonanance imaging

    • Verrsatile, adaptable for multi-modality imaging needs

  • Safe and Effective

    • Validated for difficult to label mesenchymal stem cell types

    • Achieve high labeling efficiency with VMI-Trac Pro

    • Increase nanoparticle uptake for more sensitive MRI tracking

    • No long-term effect or toxicity on cellular physiology or function of labeled cells



For Research Use Only




VMI-Trac Pro