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Meet VMI-Trac  


The next generation immune and stem cells labeling technology  

A new vision

VMI-Trac    is a revolutionary cells labeling system that will change the way immune and stem cell therapies are developed, optimized, and monitored. Leveraging our proprietary technology, VMI-Trac    allows real-time tracking of injected therapeutic cells in subjects for applications in pre-clinical and translational settings.



Pipetting Samples
Embryonic Stem Cells

All-in-one solution

The VMI-Trac   labeling system will ship with everything you need to label your immune or stem cells for in vivo tracking. Our fast and easy protocol will aid in streamlining the R&D process and accelerating introduction of cell-based therapy to the market.


Safe and Effective

VMI-Trac    has been validated in multiple immune and stem cell types and exhibited no long-term effect or toxicity on cellular physiology or function of the labeled cells. The locations of labeled cells can be monitored using standard clinically available imaging techniques.


Doctor Operating CT Scanner

A VMI-Trac    to meet your specific cell tracking needs


    Please contact us for more information on our product offerings, availability, and beta-testing opportunity

  • We also provides personalized consultation services to fit your specific labeling needs


Specifically formulated to meet the demands of cell therapy developers. Choose from our family of VMI-TRAC     products that is right for your application.


Available Today

  • Special pricing available for bulk ordering, please Inquire.

VMI-Trac Plus - Suitable for most stem cell types. Safely and effectively label cells for real-time tracking via MRI.

VMI-Trac Duo - A dual labeled variant of VMI-Trac Plus. Allows labeled cell to be tracked by either MRI or fluorescent optical imaging.

VMI-Trac Pro - Designed for difficult to label, low-phagocytic cells such as mesenchymal stem cells. 

Coming Soon

VMI-Trac Ultra - For extremely difficult to label immune cell types, including T-cells and CAR-T cells, VMI-Trac Ultra offers unparalleled performance without sacrificing cell viability.

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