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Consultation Services

Visicell Medical offers customized consultation services to the cell therapy community to meet your specific labeling and imaging needs.

Personalized Service

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our custom services begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique research needs and business goals. We, as one team, fulfill your needs with the solutions that are the best fit for your immune or stem cell types, disease models, and imaging specifics.

Experienced team

Committed to Quality

Using our decades of technical expertise in stem cell and clinical imaging, our established network of imaging service providers, and proven core technology, we can customize and provide services from start to finish that will give you the best results and outcomes in the shortest time frame.

The Visicell Advantage

Exceeding Expectations

With our all-inclusive cell tracking services and strategic approaches, you can focus on your research, core product development, and achieve higher goals by:

  1. Generating more insightful results

  2. Saving time, labor and valuable resources

  3. Monitoring your therapeutic candidates more effectively for increased productivity 

Please contact us for more information on consultation, quotes, or potential collaborations.

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