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Stem-cell transplant in the clinic leading to HIV remission

Almost 10 years after this was first observed, a second patient has now gone into remission for HIV after receiving a stem cell transplant. In a strikingly similar series of events, this newest patient received cell transplantation for an immune based cancer, and as a tertiary result had undetectable levels of the virus when later screened. This leaves researchers with insight on potential downstream therapies in the war on AIDS. Mechanisms of action by which cell therapies work is crucial to our understanding in future treatments. While this miracle seen above has only happened twice now, knowing where and why stem cells cure HIV is absolutely crucial in downstream therapy development. Here at Visicell, we hope to partner with teams like the ones seen in this article, in an effort to provide answers to clinicians. Our technology is very insightful to problems faced by this group. As we grow, we want to bring answers to researchers everywhere, in hopes to catalyze the trial to therapy process.

Find further detail in the article below:

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